It’s Time for Christians to be Courageous

Courage is commanded Worry and fear can sometimes cause us to be apathetic to our faith and the people around us. Apathy often leads to destruction. Looking at the Church in the United States of America today, it's easy to see that apathy has crept into the minds of many believers. Barna conducted a survey … Continue reading It’s Time for Christians to be Courageous


The Silence of Good Men

Good men are distracted Many good men - especially Christian men have become relatively silent when it comes to speaking up in regards to current events and politically related discussions. Many good men avoid doing anything politically related for various reasons. One obvious reason is that we have become too easily distracted. Distractions can be … Continue reading The Silence of Good Men

And They Called it Independence Day

A timely reminder As Britain has recently demonstrated, national independence is still valued by a large number of people in the world. #Brexit became a more trendy hashtag than many members of media might have originally expected, once the final vote came through. And as Britain exited the European Union, many Americans were reminded of … Continue reading And They Called it Independence Day

Sword Free Zones

That time Jesus banned swords Sword violence was rampant while Jesus lived on the earth. Fortunately for those who lived during that time, Jesus issued a decree and banned swords from certain areas of the nations. Thankfully, sword violence decreased dramatically once Jesus established a law that permanently removed swords from those particular areas. Potential criminals … Continue reading Sword Free Zones