If You Don’t Like Abortions, Don’t Get One

Don’t remove God from the discussion

It’s a catchy title, right? If you don’t like it when live human babies are destroyed in the womb, then just don’t do that to your own unborn babies. This Huffington Post article originally from March 3, 2016 argues that legalizing abortion makes women more safe. “Abortion is not about opinion. Legalizing abortion is not a question of beliefs, taboos or religion— all that should not even be part of the conversation. Abortion is a question of public health, and it must be dealt with as such.”

Removing God from this discussion is an interesting suggestion. If there is no moral standard higher than ourselves and how we feel or think, than it seems as though we could make an argument for destroying any form of life. It seems like it’s much easier to just ignore God’s word when we’re faced with a discussion about human life. Yet in Exodus 20:3, God’s word declares, “You shall have no other gods before Me.” In other words, we should consider God’s word in everything we do.

If we really want to consider public health, maybe we should include unborn children in that discussion. We should also discuss the fact that at least some abortions are carried out due to the inconvenience or shame a child would present to families. We should be encouraged to respectfully challenge anyone who suggests we leave God out of the pro-life/pro-choice debate. God should be in the forefront of our discussions, especially when it comes to matters of life and death. As Jesus said, “But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness…” Matthew 6:33

All life should be valued

The above referenced Huffington Post article provides some interesting statistics based on annual numbers worldwide. “The World Health Organization estimates that 211 million pregnancies occur each year. Approximately 87 million of these pregnancies occur unintentionally. Of the total number of pregnancies a year, around 46 million end in abortion. Around 40 percent of these are carried out under unsafe conditions; 47,000 women die as a result of unsafe abortions each year. Surely, this is not what we want for our women.”

There’s a few things to consider in regards to the way those statistics were presented in that article… 1) The statistics seem to be used to effectively demonstrate that the lives of 47,000 women are somehow more important than 46 million babies. Why are we arguing about which life is more important? Aren’t all lives important? 2) The statistics also seem to be used to effectively demonstrate that unsafe conditions for women ultimately trump unsafe conditions for babies. 3) The statistics don’t seem to account for the fact that even when abortion is legal, conditions for women can still be unsafe.

The overwhelming majority of abortions aren’t unsafe for the mother. Most abortions are conducted when the mother’s life is in no real danger at all. In most instances, it’s only the child’s life that is at risk, obviously. That being said, we should value all forms of human life. Instead of making a case for one life having more value than the other we should spend our time finding solutions for making pregnancy safer for both women and children. If you don’t like abortions then encourage others not to get one if at all possible.


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