Rethinking The Donald

Insincere faith?

A few months ago, Donald Trump was asked about his faith.  More specifically, he was asked whether he has ever asked God for forgiveness for his actions.  His responses sound uninformed at best and possibly came across as a bit insincere… “I am not sure I have. I just go on and try to do a better job from there. I don’t think so.  I think if I do something wrong, I think, I just try and make it right. I don’t bring God into that picture. I don’t.”  He went on to say… “When I drink my little wine — which is about the only wine I drink — and have my little cracker, I guess that is a form of asking for forgiveness, and I do that as often as possible because I feel cleansed.  I think in terms of ‘let’s go on and let’s make it right.”

Whether or not Trump has a relationship with Jesus is certainly not for me to determine.  I trust the Lord’s sovereignty over saving souls and hope that Donald Trump is among those who are saved.  However, I don’t trust much of what Donald Trump says.  I believe that Trump is really good at sounding like the person he thinks voting Christians want him to be.  And I believe that his comments about faith demonstrate how little he actually knows about having a relationship with Christ.

Consider him king

If Donald Trump is elected as our next President, he is highly unlikely to submit to the authority of the Constitution.  Of course, we have become somewhat accustomed to President’s acting outside of their authority, so it wouldn’t be all that new.  It is nonetheless troubling that Trump doesn’t seem to be concerned with the separation of powers that is essential to our form of government.

I don’t believe that he would submit to God’s authority either.  Based on Trump’s own words and actions, there is very little evidence to suggest that Jesus is Lord over his life.  That isn’t to suggest that I know the inner workings of Trump’s relationship with Christ.  It is to suggest that Trump’s dependence on God doesn’t appear evident based on what I know.  However, there are candidates who have been given less attention, yet have demonstrated Christ’s lordship over their lives.

Trump is all about Trump!  It seems to me that he has a thirst for power.  Speaking about himself Trump once said, “Love him or hate him, Trump is a man who is certain about what he wants and sets out to get it, no holds barred.  Women find his power almost as much of a turn-on as his money.”  He has the makings of a king and that is not a good thing.

Just more of the status quo

Many Republicans are captivated by Trump’s polarizing statements.  There is no doubt that Trump tows the conservative line about the 2nd Amendment, immigration reform, and other hot button issues.  He appeals to a large conservative audience by speaking defiantly to those who support the status quo.  He leaves many with the impression that he is not like the lifetime politicians that make up a good portion of Congress.

Trump doesn’t have any experience in Congress or as a Governor, which means we know very little about whether or not his actions will follow his words regarding the policies he wants to enforce, since he doesn’t have a voting record.  It also brings into question whether or not he is actually prepared to handle the presidency.  Trump isn’t immune to dishonesty and crooked behavior just because he doesn’t have experience as an elected official.  I would imagine he was exposed to plenty of lies and crooked behaviors on his way to the top of the financial world.

After thinking all of this through, I have come to a conclusion that will be unpopular with Trump supporters.  Trump represents the essence of the status quo.  Over his political career (which consists of running for office), he has flip-flopped on issues, such as the 2nd Amendment, abortion, healthcare and the drug war.  He is a master of the art of political opportunism.  He lacks humility and he often seems to care more about himself than anyone else.   When push comes to shove, Trump has frequently demonstrated that he is most concerned about his own pocketbook or personal gain.  I don’t believe that he is concerned enough about liberty and that is the one of the main reasons why I will not support him.


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