A Biblical Perspective on Politics – Part I

Dennis Frelick

What is wrong with politics?

sun-rays-182170_1280There seem to be more and more believers who think that Christians shouldn’t be involved in politics.  However, many of those same believers have no issue with Christians being involved in sports, arts, or other leisure activities.  Why is that?  What’s so wrong with politics?  Let’s face it, politics is an ugly word.  Are politics really the problem though?

There are probably a myriad of reasons why some believers feel anger towards politics.  Allow me to list just a few reasons why I believe Christians don’t want to be involved in politics…

  1. Politicians!
  2. Politics are temporary.
  3. We are only called to share the gospel.
  4. Politics won’t save the world.
  5. Politics can’t be changed by just one person.
  6. Jesus wasn’t political.

What is the truth about politics?

Okay, so the first point makes some sense to me.  I completely understand that politicians have turned many people…

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