A Biblical Perspective on Politics – Part II

Dennis Frelick

What are politics?

clouds-natureWe have forgotten what the real meaning of politics is.  Allow me to explain the true definition.  Politics is most simply defined as the science of government.  Remember that God established government (Romans 13:1), which means that politics were established by God.  And what God established was done so for his glory.  “You are worthy, our Lord and God, to receive glory and honor and power, for you created all things, and by your will they were created and have their being.” Revelation 4:11 (NIV)  That means that God established politics for his glory.

Maybe part of the reason that politics are in such turmoil today is partially due to Christians withdrawing from the sphere of government in many instances.  Maybe part of the reason many of our politicians are broken is because we don’t pray for them enough.  Maybe politicians could be encouraged…

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A Biblical Perspective on Politics – Part I

Dennis Frelick

What is wrong with politics?

sun-rays-182170_1280There seem to be more and more believers who think that Christians shouldn’t be involved in politics.  However, many of those same believers have no issue with Christians being involved in sports, arts, or other leisure activities.  Why is that?  What’s so wrong with politics?  Let’s face it, politics is an ugly word.  Are politics really the problem though?

There are probably a myriad of reasons why some believers feel anger towards politics.  Allow me to list just a few reasons why I believe Christians don’t want to be involved in politics…

  1. Politicians!
  2. Politics are temporary.
  3. We are only called to share the gospel.
  4. Politics won’t save the world.
  5. Politics can’t be changed by just one person.
  6. Jesus wasn’t political.

What is the truth about politics?

Okay, so the first point makes some sense to me.  I completely understand that politicians have turned many people…

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The Authority of God and Kings – Part II

Dennis Frelick

The President does not have the authority of a king

mount-rushmore-518762_1280In the Church, there are two great misunderstandings regarding authority in our nation.  The first great misunderstanding regarding authority in our nation is the idea that believers must be in submission to governing authorities no matter what.  I discussed this idea in great detail last week in The Authority of God and KingsThe second great misunderstanding regarding authority in our nation is the idea that the President of the United States of America has authority like a king does.  Many believers think that the President has full authority over our nation as a king would.  There are many believers who think that Christians must submit to the President.

If you ask a believer about governing authorities in the Bible, they will likely point to Romans 13.  It is common among believers to think that the President is the…

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The Authority of God and Kings – Part I

Dennis Frelick

Kings are not the final authority

KingTutThe captain of a U.S. Naval ship had just received an urgent message.  He read the message quickly.  It read, “Turn your ship 10 degrees starboard”.  After reading the message, the captain was outraged by the lack of respect for his authority.  Immediately, he ordered one of his men to reply, “You turn your ship 10 degrees starboard”.  After a few minutes of anticipation, another message came to the captain.  It read, “Turn your ship 10 degrees starboard”.  This message made the captain furious.  He grabbed his subordinate by the arms and barked out orders to reply, “I am the captain of a U.S. Naval vessel, you turn your ship 10 degrees starboard”.  The captain sat down and waited for a response.  A short time later the captain received another message, which read, “I am aboard a lighthouse, you turn your ship ten degrees…

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Trusting God is More Than Just a Belief

Dennis Frelick

Trust God through your actions

landscape-mountains-nature-manGod told Noah to build an ark.  “Make yourself an ark…” Genesis 6:14  So Noah responded to God’s command by saying that he had too much work to do to build an ark, right?  He simply didn’t have the time.  Or maybe Noah told God that he would spend a year praying for an ark in hopes that God would just build it for him.  The truth is that Noah built the ark.  “Thus Noah did; according to all that God commanded him, so he did.” Genesis 6:22

Trusting God is not just believing that God will act.  Part of trusting in God is believing that God can act through us.  Many times trust requires doing what God has commanded you to do.  So often we want God to act and do something great in our lives, yet at the same…

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