Month: July 2015


Trusting God is More Than Just a Belief

Trust God through your actions God told Noah to build an ark.  “Make yourself an ark…” Genesis 6:14  So Noah responded to God’s command by saying that he had too much work to do to build an ark, right?  He simply didn’t have the time.  Or maybe Noah told God that he would spend a year ...


Don’t Blindly Trust the News

Don’t Blindly Trust the News.


Don’t Blindly Trust the News

Don’t trust everything you hear on the news Major media outlets have an agenda and it is often not aligned with God’s word.  So why do we so blindly trust the news?  Many well-known journalists don’t have a relationship with God.  Why do we trust them?  Often times the media reports partial truths, myths and ...


My Endorsement for President

I’m endorsing Rand Paul As my family and friends would likely attest to, I don’t take candidate endorsements lightly.  So when it comes to endorsing a candidate for the presidential election, I take my time in considering all of the candidates.  After much prayer and thought, I have concluded that Rand Paul is the most ...

Five Attributes a Presidential Candidate Should Possess

Find a candidate worthy of your vote Like it or not, a new president will be elected in just over a year.  Over the last few months, presidential hopefuls have been announcing their candidacy.  The general election will be held on November 8, 2016 and there are already close to twenty candidates among the two ...